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Admin Account for Discourse


Username admin

Password "instance-id"

Discourse files and folders
Main Directory: /var/discourse
Config file: /var/discourse/containers/app.yml

Installation Steps

ssh into the instances.

Type cd /var/discourse/

Now, type sudo ./launcher rebuild app

Note, this rebuilding process can take upto 10-15 mins.

Then, open the discourse url i.e http://instance-public-ip/

Login into the account by entering username as admin and password as instance-id.

Now, Find this first line Welcome to your new Discourse! Let’s get started with the setup wizard and begin your own forums by clicking on setup wizard.

Instance Login

1. sudo chmod 400 "yourpemkeyname.pem"
2. ssh -i "yourpemkeyname.pem"ubuntu@yourinstanceip

Domain Settings

If you want to attach a domain, please remove the ip automation file by typing:
sudo rm /var/discourse/

For any query, please contact us at

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  • Discourse is an open source discussion platform that is built for the next decade of the Internet.
  • You can use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more.
  • Discourse pares all the complexity away and puts just the essential stuff on screen – the conversations you care most about.

Application Installed

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