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Accessing phpmyadmin after docker starts

After subscribing to the product, Click on "Helm Chart Package" to download helm chart to your EKS control node

Now, extract the helm chart in your location and install with the following command "helm install --set serviceAccountName="

To access phpmyadmin http://ELB-DNS-Name:3606/phpmyadmin with username/password as "root"/"instance-id"

You can get the instance-id, run the following command : kubectl exec -it curl | grep instanceId | cut -d '"' -f4

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Apache Website


  • This is a ready to run LAMP EKS image for development environment.
  • LAMP EKS includes Apache, MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin and Webmin
  • LAMP EKS is usually used for building dynamic web sites and web applications.

Application Installed

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