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phpMyAdmin is a free and open source tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL or MariaDB with the use of a web browser. It can perform various tasks such as creating, modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields or rows; executing SQLstatements; or managing users and permissions.

Intuz LEMP Container is a pre-configured , ready to run Container image for running php websites on Amazon ECS. Intuz LEMP Container has Nginx, mysql, php, phpmyadmin and webmin which makes it easy for you to use LEMP Container.

LEMP In computing, a solution stack or software stack is a set of software subsystems or components needed to create a complete platform such that no additional software is needed to support applications. Applications are said to "run on" or "run on top of" the resulting platform. Some definitions of a platform overlap with what is known as system software.
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Webmin is a web-based system configuration tool for Unix-like systems, although recent versions can also be installed and run on Windows. With it, it is possible to configure operating system internals, such as users, disk quotas, services or configuration files, as well as modify and control open source apps, such as the Apache HTTP Server, PHP or MySQL.

Intuz creates and distributes high-scalable and manageable Container applications for the use of developers or any other person who likes to focus on managing their Application

Accessing docker

URL docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 3306:3306 -p 10000:10000 -p 443:443 <"AWS Container Image URI">

Accessing phpmyadmin after docker starts

URL http://instance-public-ip/phpmyadmin/

Username root

Password root

Accessing webmin after docker starts

URL http://instance-public-ip:10000

Username root

Password pass

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Coming Soon..

Coming Soon..


  • LEMP Conatiner also has SSL integrated with it for more security.
  • LEMP Container is integrated with phpmyadmin and webmin with file transfer.

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